May 05, 2014

Ski resorts and natural adventures in central Italy: exploring Majella

Majella National Park, Italy
Italy’s mountain offer doesn't end with the Alps, shared with border countries. All the peninsula is crossed, like a spinal column, by the Appennines mountain chain.
This makes of central Italy a fantastic travel destination for nature lovers, reach of parks and natural reserves, with lakes, high peaks, and tiny cute villages, away from italian metropolies, that in winter become crowded ski resorts. Our next stop is here: we discover the Majella National Park and the nearby town of Roccaraso.

Majella National Park

The Majella Mountain, Father of the Mountains for Pliny the Elder, Mountains Mother for the Abruzzesi people, tall, imposing, wild, mountain chain in central Italy, part of the World Heritage of National Parks.
Geographically consists of four major peaks, Majella itself, wide and compact limestone massif, Morrone, Porrara and Pizzi Mountains, with valleys and karst plains that are interposed between them, is a National Park that for geographical position, harshness, vastness and grandeur, for the rigor and the changing climate, is definitely unique and contains within it, in vast areas (widelands), which present unique aspects of wilderness (wildland), the most valuable and rare part of the national heritage of biodiversity, significant in Europe and worldwide.
Majella National Park, Italy


Roccaraso is the ski destination par excellence for Central-Southern Italy. Situated at 4,101 feet above sea level, and known since the early 1900s, it is the most-noted and best-equipped ski resort in the Apennines.
Roccaraso, Italy
The cross-country runs, the snowboard park, the possibility to take ski excursions, and the ice hockey arena, all set within a beautiful natural environment, make for a complete and memorable vacation.
The excellent hotel and commercial endowments, the beauty and wellness spas, and the endless options for fun ensure an active vacation marked by psychophysical regeneration and relaxation.

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