April 30, 2014

What to do in Rimini: not only Italy’s party heaven…

Rimini, Italy
In Italy there’s a place for every need. There's who loves the precious Amalfi coast and who prefers the huge sandy beaches of south Italy. And there's who feels tight in tiny beaches but gets bored in relaxing places. This is the one who goes to Rimini and the neighbor party towns of the Riviera Romagnola, competing for the lead in the standings in Europe.
That’s the next destination of our travel across the incredibly diverse heritage of Italy. But Rimini is not only a place for party animals, there’s much more to discover

Rimini, on the Riviera Romagnola, is surrounded by a mythical aura, largely due to the work of one of its most illustrious inhabitants, Federico Fellini.
The charm of the medieval streets of the Borgo San Giuliano, separated from the historic center by the Port Canale, the Adriatic Sea with its wide, sandy beaches, the ruins of the ancient "Ariminum", the first Roman colony in the Po valley, the traces of the glories of the nineteenth-century Rimini bourgeois tourism or, finally, the coolest nightclubs in Europe, making it a top destination among young people.
There are so many facets that make Rimini a place to recommend. The focal point of Marina Centro, on the waterfront, is the Grand Hotel, built in 1908 in pure Art Nouveau style. Celebrated by Fellini, who here had a suite always available for him, it is now a national monument. It is the symbol of a city whose tourist vocation dates from the mid nineteenth century. Reborn in fact as upper-class seaside resort, Rimini boasts also a glorious past: its traces are the Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus as well as the Renaissance Temple Malaestiano and Castel Sigismondo, a legacy of the Malatesta family, who ruled the city for more than two centuries.
Rimini, Italy

And at the end of the day you have to choose among the many offers for the evening and night life. Restaurants and eateries abound in the area of the Pescheria Vecchia in the historic center, while for the clubs, the reputation of the city doesn’t need any introduction...

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