November 22, 2014

What's the most beautiful Alps ski resort in Italy? Canazei vs Brunico

Canazei Italy
The ski season on the Alps is going to start in few weeks and it's time to plan snow weeks and ski weekends.
For a non expert mountains can appear all the same: white, cold, only good for skiing. But to decide where to go for skiing is a task more complicated than what it can look like! Above all if in the group there are also snowboarders, hikers, and... beginners!
Then you must add the non-sports side: when you are not on the slopes you'd like to stay in a pleasant resort where to enjoy beautiful landscapes, taste delicious mountain food and, why not, do some sightseeing!

November 13, 2014

2 medieval cities you shouldn't miss in central Italy

Medieval city in central Italy
You are on travel in Italy. You love wondering in the medieval centers of its art cities. You have been to Rome, Florence, Bologna etc.

Where to go?

In the middle age Italy wasn't a unified country but fragmented in many little reigns, called city-states because they were limited to the surroundings of each city ruled by the most powerful noble family in town.
The heritage of that era are a lot of little cities, located above all in central Italy, where you can spend a nice day-trip "within the walls", between a castle and a cathedral, in winter as in summer.

November 07, 2014

Even in Venice you can go off the beaten path

Venice, Italy
Are you going to travel to Italy, precisely to Venice, soon? Will it be your first time in the biggest tourist trap of Italy?
There's no magic solution to this huge problem in the most unique city of the Bel Paese,  you will always be surrounded by crowds of tourists, but yes, you can travel different! And today we have the pleasure to share with you the tips of an authoritative Italy's blogger and expat! Pamela Haack on her blog "Where Tuscany meets Umbria" says she moved ten years ago to Umbria, with her husband, fell in love with this beautiful land and started traveling all around Italy, always off the beaten track. And thanks to her own experience, she can now give some good suggestions for a trip to Venice.

November 02, 2014

10 best places to visit in Italy: ranking update

Best places in Italy
Three months after the last ranking posted, an update is necessary to the list of the 10  best travel destinations in Italy. Many more travelers joined Gadders and shared their experiences, giving their votes and adding their travel tips to the places they visited lately in Italy.
The parameters on which the chart is based? The beauty of the places first of all, but also the fun activities you can do and its nightlife, how much safe is staying in each place and how cheap is to travel there, and last but not least, talking about Italy it's impossible not to take in consideration the quality of food!