May 07, 2014

Travel to Naples: discover a different face of Italy

Naples, Italy
Few cities in the world have such a strong identity like Naples in Italy, with its strenghts and weaknesses, with its multiple face sas a southamerican style metropolis, as a maritime city, as a capital of an ancient kingdom… But with its so characteristic soul, reflected in the atmosphere lived in the streets, that creates the image of typical south Italy’s life, as it’s seen in the world.
Here’s the next stop of our travel, and should be a mandatory destination for every traveler who wants to discover all the different faces of Italy.

With Vesuvius as a bodyguard to an enchanted Gulf, castles which reveal traces of ancient kingdoms and South American style neighborhoods.
Naples is a complex mix to tell, one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, swarming of the noise produced by the constant coming and going of people, but also one of the most important cities in the Italian history, whose historical center is listed as a Unesco heritage site, with the sites of Piazza del Gesù Nuovo and its churches, the Royal Palace in Piazza del Plebiscito, the Cathedral, the Opera House San Carlo and Galleria Umberto I, the city's living room made ​​up of shops, offices and historic cafés.
Known as Partenope in Roman times and Neapolis as in the days of ancient Greece, the capital of Campania reached the height of its greatness in the contemporary era when became the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Naples, Italy
In fact, already in 1200 the city is embellished with an important architectural work: the Mascio Angioino, a fort overlooking the harbor which bears the marks of Angevin and Aragonese domination. Further along the coast is located Castel dell’Ovo, a Norman castle surrounded by a small fishing village, the Borgo Marinaro. The National Archaeological Museum contains the priceless treasures unearthed at Pompeii and Herculaneum.
But Naples is also the folkloric atmosphere of the Spanish Quarter, so called because the Spanish soldiers used to roam this area in search of fun. And the artcrafts exposed in Christmas period by the masters of the Neapolitan crib in Via San Gregorio Armeno. And, of course, the flavors of the Neapolitan cuisine experienced in a typical district tavern. The food comes from the nearby market Pignasecca, the most famous and colorful in town. But what every tourist visiting Naples looks persistently is the masterpiece of Italian cuisine, the Pizza.

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  1. Naples is a great town! Few tourist know it's plenty of monument and museum.
    I work as tour guide in Naples and around the region Campania and my clients are always so surprised about its beaty! ;)

    For Any ideas or itinerary feel free to check my web sites : Visitare Napoli (it) or Discover Napoli (eng) :

    1. It's true, Fabio! There are many overlooked places in Italy and Naples is one of them, but actually Campania is one of the regions with most travel options!
      As a travel guide you can for sure add great travel tips to all Campania's destinations on ;)