May 09, 2014

Fly like an angel! Discover the best Bungee Jumping places in Italy

Pietraprtosa, Bungee Jumping in Italy
What is like feeling the empty below your feet and the wind on your face while passing from a mountain peak to another like a bird? And what is like facing the loftiness jumping off a cliff headfirst?
If you love extreme sports there is the next stop of our travel across the most fascinating destinations of Italy: Pietrapertosa, on the “Dolomites of south Italy”, the base of the Angel Flight, and Mosso, in northern Italy, one of the most requested Bungee Jumping centers in the country.


Pietrapertosa is one of the villages included in the park of the Lucan Dolomites, the mounts so called because their peaks remember the more famous Dolimites of the Alps.
This place is becoming popular because is the site where begins the so called "Volo dell’Angelo", the extreme sport attraction opened in 2007 that connects Pietrapertosa to the village of Castelmezzano through two steel cables on which the reckless can slip at a 120km/h speed for about one minute upon a ravine of 400 meters, admiring the surrounding landscape.
Pietraprtosa, Bungee Jumping in Italy


Mosso is a tiny village in the province of Biella, Piedmont, known because the viaduct located at the fraction Pistolesa is home to the first permanent italian bungee jumping center, that for its size, 152 feet high and 350 feet long, has been dubbed "Colossus". This center, active since the mid-nineties, draws fans of this extreme sport specialty from all over the world and it has been calculated that since the opening over fifty thousand jumps have been carried out.
Mosso, Bungee Jumping in Italy

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