July 16, 2014

Where to go in the Alps in winter and summer

Bardonecchia, Alps
In the period between the two world wars, under initiative of the Agnelli family from Turin, northeast Italy, on a hill that connects the Chisone Valley with the Susa Valley, was born Sestriere, a complex of facilities and hotel equipment that today has few rivals in Europe.

For mountain lovers the Alps are like heaven, but while Dolomites offer incredible landscapes, while Swiss and Austrian destinations offer a 1 year long ski season, the peaks at the boarder between France and Italy are a more chic travel option, between big cities like Turin and Grenoble, ideal for who likes to have all the commodities, join trendy parties and assist to important events.
Here is an usual stage for cycling tours and in 2006 the races of the ski world Cup were also disputed.
The extension of the settlement, the number of hotels and some of the tracks have profoundly altered the natural landscape of Sestriere (the most famous architectural structures are the tower hotels, tall and cylindrical), but the basin is one of the busiest ski resorts of the Alps.
Sestriere, Alps

As well as Bardonecchia, important tourist center of the Susa Valley, easily accessible from France, as situated at the mouth of Frejus tunnel. The fame of Bardonecchia as a ski resort has been linked for years, as well as to the quantity and quality of its ski lifts, to the beauty of the natural environment, which not only allows lovely winter mountaineering trips to the less known peaks of the valley, but is also the ideal base for long summer walks. Moreover, even in the summer, you can ski on the hill of Sommeiller.
Bardonecchia, Alps

In Bardonecchia, while most of the tourist activities are linked to the Borgo Nuovo, built more recently, the Borgo Vecchio, at the top of the village, has managed to preserve at least in part the typical houses of wood and stone. In the parish church of St. Ippolito, flanked by a Romanesque bell tower, there is a baptismal font of the sixteenth century.

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