July 11, 2014

Top 5 things to see in Genoa, Liguria

Genoa, Italy
One of the main italian cities in terms of dimensions and in terms of importance is Genoa, capital of the Liguria region, that forms the so called economic triangle with Milan and Turin, the area that helds almost all the economy of Italy; but also a destination included in many of the cruises across the mediterranean sea, becaue of the strategic position of its port, perfect departure place for who wants to visit the gorgeous RivieraLigure and Cinque Terre and, last but not least, a city reach in attractions and history.
Yet it is not a travel destination you hear talking about among international tourists… Why? Consider its main attractions and judge yourself if it’s worth being included in your travel list or not!

The Harbor - culture

Birthplace of Columbus, in the past Genoa was one of the Maritime Republics and was known as the "ruler of the seas", thanks to its geographical position, and still today, its port is the most important in Italy. Those arriving by ship to Genoa are greeted by the Lantern, the symbol of the city, lighthouse 117 meters high that has standed towards west for centuries to guide the ships into the harbor. The area of the ancient harbor has for centuries been the commercial heart of Genoa. It is said that Genoa is also the birthplace of blue jeans, formerly used in the medieval period to cover the galleys and then for the uniforms of the Genoese crossbowmen.

The Aquarium - fun

A redevelopment project led in 1992 to the inauguration of the multi-functional space designed by architect Renzo Piano. In this area now there is one of the most famous attractions of Genoa: the Aquarium, which, with its 800 species is the largest marine park in Europe.

The historic center - walking

The historic center is a maze of squares and narrow alleyways. It combines a medieval dimension in subsequent interventions in Renaissance and Baroque style. Remains of the ancient walls are still visible near the cathedral of San Lorenzo, while another symbol of the city is the monumental fountain in Piazza De Ferrari, recently restored to become heart and agora of the town.

Boccadasse – typical lifestyle

Another interesting place is is the ancient district of Boccadasse, with the picturesque multicolored boats, placed as a seal of the elegant promenade of the Lido Albaro.
Genoa, Italy

The basil park - curiosity

Finally Genoa is also well known for its traditional food products, first of all the Pesto, for which a basil park has been created.

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