April 19, 2014

Travel to Italy’s boot’s heel, cool like a high fashion brand

Apulia, south Italy
Summer is already in our thoughts. So, after Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria, our next stop in this travel to the discovery of Italy can’t be other than Puglia, to pass through all the southern regions of the Bel Paese, in search of sunny and seductive beaches…
And the boot’s heel offers destinations just as gorgeus as the toe, with pearls like centenary Otranto on the Adriatic sea and lively Gallipoli on the Ionic side.


The old medieval centre of Gallipoli (meaning ’beautiful town’ in Greek) fills an island in the Ionian Sea and is connected by a bridge to the mainland and modern city. 
It is a picturesque town surrounded by high walls which were built to protect it against attacks from the sea. An important fishing centre, it feels like a working Italian town, unlike more seasonal coastal places. In the summer, bars and restaurants make the most of the island’s ramparts, looking out to sea.
Gallipoli, Italy


Located on the easternmost tip of Italy, in Puglia, Otranto was founded by the Romans and later became an important Byzantine center and later the starting point for merchant shipping. Walking through the maze of narrow streets that meander through the walled city you can enjoy extraordinary views.
The Cathedral of Otranto is the largest Romanesque building in Puglia: extensively remodeled in the Baroque age, has a mosaic floor of considerable value. Of great interest is also the Aragonese Castle, dating from the fifteenth century, from whose top you can enjoy a magnificent landscape.
Otranto, Italy

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