April 21, 2014

Italy is so fashion because of its precious heel: Puglia

Castellana Grotte, Apulia, ItalyHere we go again with our blog’s travel around Italy! We decided to pass over all the Easter weekend in fantastic Apulia region, the heel of the boot! And after the magnificent beaches of its southern side, the two next gadders destinations are an incredible natural spot in the middle of the countryside, Castellana Grotte, and a beach resort in Gargano, the northern part of Apulia, with its romantic caves: Vieste.

Castellana Grotte

Castellana Grotte is a resort on the edge of a karst depression in the Apulian hinterland where there are the famous homonymous caves, the grandest and most beautiful in the whole Italian territory, explored in 1938 for the first time.
This are large cavities with a vertical development that reaches up to 30 meters in height; among these there are the Black cave, the cave of Monuments so called because of large stalactites that look like statues, the Owl room, the Altar room with subtle formations that look like candles, and the White cave. The latter is considered among the most beautiful in the world for the amazing formations of pure crystals; also the comunication galleries are decorated by splendid concretions.
Castellana Grotte, Apulia, Italy


Vieste, on the east coast of the Gargano area, a small peninsula in the north of Apulia, is an ancient medieval village, repeatedly prey of bloody raids. The cathedral, a fine example of Apulian Romanesque architecture, dominates the original nucleus of white houses and narrow streets, leaning against a steep cliff. Along the coast you can visit beautiful caves, including grotto Campana grotto dei Contrabbandieri, dei Marmi and dei Sogni.
Vieste, Apulia, Italy

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