November 02, 2014

10 best places to visit in Italy: ranking update

Best places in Italy
Three months after the last ranking posted, an update is necessary to the list of the 10  best travel destinations in Italy. Many more travelers joined Gadders and shared their experiences, giving their votes and adding their travel tips to the places they visited lately in Italy.
The parameters on which the chart is based? The beauty of the places first of all, but also the fun activities you can do and its nightlife, how much safe is staying in each place and how cheap is to travel there, and last but not least, talking about Italy it's impossible not to take in consideration the quality of food!
What do you expect to see in first position? One of the amazing mediterranean beach places of south Italy? Or one of the gorgeous art cities envied all around the world? Or maybe a charming ski resort of the Alps...

Let's explore the ranking from the bottom:

10) Forte dei Marmi and Verona: score 8,08

At tenth and ninth position, with the same score, open the ranking the city of lovers, Verona, and a new entry: the famous beach resort of Tuscany, Forte die Marmi, popular for luxury travels.
Curiously they have opposite strengths. Romantic Verona is favored by its undiscussed beauty, whose score is 9,25, and penalized only by the nightlife with a score of 7. There are more active places at night in Italy, but this one is the best rated city! Forte dei Marmi instead succeeds with nightlife (in summer), scoring 10, while is penalized by the beauty, whose score is only 6,5.

Forte dei marmi, Tuscany, Italy
What Gadders says: On the Tuscany coast, Forte dei Marmi is a beach resort among the most requested in the Tyrrhenian Sea and very renowned in Italy as a luxury travel destination. The village clings around a dock installed in the sixteenth century for the load of the Apuan marble and protected, since 1788, by a small fort, visible in the center of the piazza Garibaldi. Nobles of half of Europe...

What travelers suggest to do in Verona: organize a day trip to visit Julieta's house and  the other attractions and make a romantic walk along the river.
Verona, Italy

What Gadders says: Verona is known as the Little Rome because of its importance for the Roman Empire. But the golden age of the city was during the thirteenth and fourteenth century, under the reign of the colorful and unstable family Della Scala (Scaligeri). This period is in fact known for feuds between families to which Shakespeare alludes in his tragedy Romeo and Juliet, set here. Today... (Read more in this Blog Post about Verona)

8) Castiglione della Pescaia and Ischia: score 8,17

Ischia, biggest island of the gulf of Naples, keeps losing positions and falls to the eighth together with the new entry Castiglione della Pescaia, another awesome beach resort of Tuscany.
Ischia's most appreciated quality is the food, like everywhere around Naples, scoring 9,5, but in summer it gets really expensive, its Money score is 6,5. Castiglione instead has no rivals in beauty, scoring 10, but is penalized as well by its expensiveness, scoring 7.

What travelers suggest to do in Castiglione della Pescaia: swim in its crystal clear waters and take a nice walk at night around the little center!

Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany, Italy

What Gadders says: Castiglione della Pescaia, touristic resort in the heart of the Maremma Toscana, is one of the best places in Italy for quality of the sea, the beaches and the environment, reason why its territory is known as the "little Switzerland". Tourists are attracted by the long sandy beaches but the resort, with a harbor...

What travelers suggest to do in Ischia: enjoy the wonderful sea, relaxing with pleasant massages in its hot thermal waters.
Ischia, Italy

What Gadders says: The volcanic outcrop of Ischia is the most developed and largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples. It is an intriguing concoction of sprawling spa towns, buried necropolises, rheumatic Germans and spectacular scenery, with forests, vineyards and picturesque small towns. Ischia only attracts a fraction of the day trippers that head for Capri from Naples in the summer. Perhaps...

6) Porto Cervo: score 8,20

Porto Cervo falls from the top position to the sixth. If the previous beach resorts were considered a bit pricey, the pearl of Sardinia is almost unaccessible. In fact its Money score is 4,5! But money makes it one of the most safe places In Italy, scoring 9,5 for this parameter.

What travelers suggest to do in Porto Cervo: this beach resort of Sardinia is top for party, but the proper village is too expensive, too VIP! Visit it but don't stop here for lunch or dinner if you don't have budget!
Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy

What Gadders says: When it comes to Costa Smeralda it’s impossible not to talk about Porto Cervo, the heart of this beautiful piece of land on the east coast of Sardinia, once called "Monti di Mola", lonely territory inhabited by a few farmers; now there’s Porto Cervo, by many called the invisible city, architecturally speaking mostly made of arches and stones, used as... (Read more on this Blog post about Porto Cervo)

5) Positano and Eolie Islands: 8,28

Positano, the wonderful beach resort of the Amalfi coast, enters again reaching the middle of the chart, with same score as the Eolie Islands, the lovely archipelago off the coast of Sicily.
For the Eolie Islands, best qualities are beauty and food, rated 9, while the biggest issues are expensiveness and nightlife, rated 7,33. Just think that to reach the islands it takes a long and pricey journey. Positano is on the same wave length: up Beauty 9,33, down Nightlife 7,33.

What travelers suggest to do in Positano: go there by car to enjoy the spectacular view from the road, above all at sunset, then go walking and shopping through the tiny streets.
Positano, Italy

What Gadders says: Located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, land in which the mountain falls steeply into the sea, creating charming coves, deep fjords, headlands, bays, natural arches and small pebble beaches, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site for its undisputed beauty and uniqueness of its natural landscape, Positano is a pearl of Italy, nestled in a corner of paradise between... (Read more in this Blog Post about Positano)

What travelers suggest to do in Eolie Islands:enjoy its wild nature and wonderful beaches, above all in Panarea, its best island where you can easily move walking.
Eolie, Sicily, Italy

What Gadders says: The Aeolian Islands, in Italian "Eolie", name that derives from Aeolus, the greek god of winds, are a small paradise that emerges from the cobalt blue waters off the northeastern coast of Sicily. Declared Unesco World Heritage Site, the archipelago is formed by the seven islands Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi. Here you can play exciting... (Read more in this Blog Post about Eolie Islands )

3) Conca dei Marini: 8,33

At third position there's the highest new entry of the ranking: Conca dei Marini, another of the breathtaking beach resorts of the Amalfi coast. Its votes are very similar to the other places of this amazing strip of land: its best is the 9 out of 10 in Beauty, the worst is the 6,33 in Nightlife.
Conca dei Marini, Italy

What Gadders says: Conca dei Marini was founded by the Romans around 500 BC. Its name literally translated from Latin means "basin of the seas", certainly because of the shape of its coastline, that "welcomes" the Mediterranean forming inlets and fjords of rare beauty and tranquillity...

2) Asiago: 8,50

Asiago gains one position in the podium, placing second. It's the only mountain resort in the chart. We are looking forward to seeing if the situation changes in winter, after the ski season! Asiago is highly appreciated for the food, rated 9,5 (don't forget that the Asiago cheese takes name by this little village!) and, as it can be imagined, gets its lowest score in nightlife, 7. Should this be tested better? If you have been here add your opinion!
Asiago, Italy

What Gadders says: The main center of Seven Communes Plateau in the Alps of Veneto, which extends between the Valsugana and the Po Valley, bounded by the valleys of the Adige and Brenta rivers, Asiago is located in a valley of rolling hills, covered with meadows and woods. Center with...

1) Maddalena Islands: 8,61

And finally gains the first position the wild archipelago of Maddalena, off the north coast of Sardinia. Its astonishing beauty is rated the highest: 10 out of 10. And maybe for the same reason as for the Aeolian Islands, its lowest rating is in Money: 7.
Maddalena Islands, Sardinia, Italy

What Gadders says: The Maddalena Islands are located in the northwestern coast of Sardinia, off the Costa Smeralda. The archipelago consists of 7 larger islands (La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, St. Stefano, St. Maria, Spargi, Razzoli) and several smaller uninhabited islands, bathed by the beautiful and transparent sea. Among the major islands, Caprera became famous...

A curious thing is that the 10 best places to see in Italy are all set in 5 regions of the country: Verona and Asiago in the region of Veneto, Forte die Marmi and Castiglione della Pescaia on the coast of Tuscany, Ischia, Conca dei Marini and Positano in Campania, the Eolie islands in Sicily and finally Porto Cervo and the Maddalena islands in Sardinia.
Where are the famous Rome, Florence and Venice??

Do you agree with this ranking or do you think some destinations deserve more?

Stay tuned for the next ranking update!

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