How to go: train, car rental & flight tips

There are different ways to travel around Italy and it all depends on your travel style!

All the main cities are served with airports, but many of them, above all in the north, are so close one to another that is much faster to take a train!

Then there are areas like the south and rocky coasts like Cinque Terre where it's harder to get by train because you should take 2 or more connections passing from comfortable high speed trains to crap slow regional ones... Or even areas where train rails are absent like the Amalfi coast or, of course, the islands.

In this cases there are often alternative bus services (public and private), but maybe it's a better and more adventurous choice to rent a car!

Here is some more specific information you can use to check out how to reach your next destinations!


If you are coming from abroad or you have to cross long distance maybe you'll need a flight! You can use this search tool by 

Car rental

Road trip idea? Or just a way to get faster to your next destination and its surroundings?
If you want to rent a car you can use Autoeurope international rent service which offers very good fares

Or you can directly use another search tool by 


If you instead prefer to travel by train, the two companies in Italy which cover almost all the national territory are Trenitalia and Italotreno, with the second connecting only the main cities.

These are the destinations served by Italotreno:

Trenitalia instead has a capillary coverage of all Italy.

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