June 02, 2014

Climbing, trekking and skiing in the Alps of Valle d’Aosta

Cervinia, Alps
For mountain lovers the Alps are the paradise in earth. But inside the Alps there’s only one true heaven, the Valle d’Aosta, most little region of Italy, hosting in such a small territory the Italian side of the highest mountain in Europe, the Mont Blanc, fantastic ski resorts like Cervinia and ideal places for hiking and trekking like the Gran Paradiso National Park. These are the next destinations we are going to discover during our long travel up and down the country.

Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park, in Valle d’Aosta region, was the first national park to be established in Italy.
It includes a large territory of high mountains, from the 800 meters of the valley bottoms to the 4,061 meters of Gran Paradiso peak. Larch and fir woodlands, wide alpine grasslands, rocks, and glaciers make up an ideal setting for the life of a rich and various wildlife and for a visit leading to the discovery of the wonderful world of the high mountains.
Gran Paradiso National Park, Alps

The park’s three valleys, Cogne, Valsavarenche and Val di Rhêmes, are popular, but tourist development has been cautious and well organized. There are a few mountain rifugi and bivacchi (unoccupied shelters) between which run well-marked footpaths for mountaineers. Though it’s primarily a summer resort for walkers, the cross-country skiing is also good.


Cervinia is a popular ski resort located at the foot of the south face of the Matterhorn mountain. Until the last century, was little more than a pasture frequented by a few isolated mountain climber for the beauty of the peaks that surround it: not only the Matterhorn, but also the Dent d’Eringer, the Theodule and the Gray Head. Today the ski resort of Cervinia is one of the best equipped in the Alps for skiing, ski touring and mountaineering, and you can reach by cable car the Plateau Rosa glacier, more than 3000 meters of altitude. The enchanting Blue Lake is located just before the town.
Cervinia, Alps

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