May 19, 2014

There is not only one Leaning tower in Pisa…

Pisa, Tuscany
Loads of tourists coming to Italy stop there to stay just in one square, to walk around the green of the “Campo dei Miracoli” and admire theat worldwide famous Leaning Tower and then leave Pisa without even going to the city center… But what if they would know that there are other two leaning towers??
The bell tower of the St. Nichols church and the one of the church of San Michele degli Scalzi, both on the Viale delle Piagge, in the true city center. If you are going to travel to Pisa now you might discover something that even Italians don’t know…

In the past one of the four Repubbliche Marinare and home to one of the leading European universities, Pisa is one of the most important art cities of Tuscany.

Today it owes its fame mainly to an architectural project gone awry: the Pisan Tower or Leaning Tower, one of the three buildings that make up the splendid Romanesque complex of Piazza dei Miracoli. Piazza dei Miracoli is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world. On its green meadows lies an extraordinary concentration of Romanesque masterpieces: the cathedral, the baptistery and the Leaning Tower, built with the proceeds of the booty brought to the city of Pisa after the victory over the Arabs in Sicily. The square bustles with crowd: students having fun, workmen at their lunch, tourists who are photographed while pretending to straighten the tower.
Leaning tower of Pisa, Tuscany

Another gem is the historic city center, marked by squares, churches and medieval monuments, but especially by the charming Lungarno: along the banks of the river which goes into the city lie the walls, old palaces such as the Royal Palace, former seat of the Medici court, and several towers including the Guelph Tower of the Old Citadel

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