April 14, 2014

Walk off the beaten path and discover Padua

Padua, Italy
Tourists go to busy and expensive Venice, but we are stopping just close in our travel around Italy, to introduce the fifth gadders destination of this blog, undiscovered Padua with its arquitectural pearls…

History, art, nature and religion in Padua come together to give life to a center full of special, often unique attractions. Not everywhere you can see a stream flowing in circle in a square, like in Prato della Valle: architectural work of absolute importance, also because of its size. Importance also reflected in the imposing Basilica of Sant’Antonio, symbol of the city: the cult of the patron saint is strongly felt in the city and helps to draw the contours of mystique Padua. The University and its students, however, reveals a jaunty and internationally mood.

The University of Padua is one of the oldest in the world. The charming Palazzo del Bo with its perfectly preserved anatomical theater is now home to the rectory. But there are lots of picturesque spots in the city: from buildings falling edge on channels and the many squares to the more than ten kilometers of arcades. 
Padua, Italy
Close to the Basilica there's the Garden Island Memmia (Prato della Valle) with its colonnade around the raceway. Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Frutti, and Piazza dei Signori are worth a visit because of their palaces (Palazzo della Ragione above all) and their lodges often reminiscent of the architectural glories of Venice.
To make a break don't miss the famous coffee Pedrocchi, also known as the coffee without doors: open day and night, was once the haunt of intellectuals and academics who sought here the good life of Venice.

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