April 16, 2014

VIP hunting in the heart of Emerald coast: Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo

Emerald coast, Sardinia
When it’s time of holidays for most of Italians the Emerald coast is the land of dreams, so attractive, so popular, so expensive… so far from the peninsula… Maybe it’s not the kind of travel to discover the real italian life, it’s not like the charming unexplored beaches of south Italy. But if you want to feel like an italian celebrity, relaxing in a luxurious café or laying in the white sand of a private bay, these are the destinations for you!

Porto Cervo

When it comes to Emerald coast it’s impossible not to talk about Porto Cervo, the heart of this beautiful piece of land on the east coast of Sardinia, once called "Monti di Mola", lonely territory inhabited by a few farmers.
Now there’s Porto Cervo, by many called the invisible city, architecturally speaking mostly made of arches and stones, used as an ornament, supporting each other. Porto Cervo dominates the promontories overlooking the sea, the curve of the harbor and the villas scattered, surrounded by greenery. Architectural typologies designed to "anchor" the traditions of the island of Sardinia across the Emerald coast, which despite being an elitist place does not want to break with the culture, architecture and spirit of the traditions of Gallura. The buildings that seem most rudimentary are actually the finest villas.
Porto Cervo, Emerald coast
On a mezzanine floor over the harbor, lies the central square, the scene of the worldly life, where it is customary to meet many celebrities who choose Porto Cervo and the Emerald coast for their holidays. The Piazza and Sottopiazza wind with its arches and narrow streets, decorated with major fashion designers shops, jewelers and many showrooms of refined handicraft items. The port is a real parade of the most luxurious yachts, while in the vicinity of the resort nightclubs that attract the international jetset host exclusive parties for VIPs. Porto Cervo’s symbols are the three hotels which have always represented the Emerald coast: Hotel Cervo, Hotel Pitrizza and the Cala di Volpe, exclusive venue for an elite tourism.

Porto Rotondo

Close to the Emerald Coast, Porto Rotondo is a semi-circular cove (from which it takes its name), protected by verdant hills and overlooking on transparent waters. This perfect position attracted investors that made of Porto Rotondo the Venice of the Tyrrhenian Sea, one of the most requested destinations by the cosmopolitan tourism and the VIP tourism.
Porto Rotondo, Emerald coast

The life of the elegant village, whose furniture is designed by internationally renowned artists, is concentrated in the “piazza Quadra” where the shops show the most famous italian fashion brands, and in the harbor where many prestigious yachts come and go.

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