November 07, 2014

Even in Venice you can go off the beaten path

Venice, Italy
Are you going to travel to Italy, precisely to Venice, soon? Will it be your first time in the biggest tourist trap of Italy?
There's no magic solution to this huge problem in the most unique city of the Bel Paese,  you will always be surrounded by crowds of tourists, but yes, you can travel different! And today we have the pleasure to share with you the tips of an authoritative Italy's blogger and expat! Pamela Haack on her blog "Where Tuscany meets Umbria" says she moved ten years ago to Umbria, with her husband, fell in love with this beautiful land and started traveling all around Italy, always off the beaten track. And thanks to her own experience, she can now give some good suggestions for a trip to Venice.

When the crowds get heavy, Pamela always prefers to turn around and go in the opposite way. Of course that’s quite a hard challenge when you visit a place like Venice. Amidst the throngs of tourists around St. Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal, how can one somebody try to experience a bit of the real Venice?

Pretty easily, actually.
Venice Italy

Venice, like other art cities in Italy, has real neighborhoods where people work and shop and eat and, well…. even if in Venice they are not so many, live. They have their life there. And after seeing the top attractions in the center, visiting a real neighborhood is a breath of fresh air.
Venice has six historic neighborhoods, called "sestieri", of which Pamela's favorite is Cannaregio, because you can get off the beaten path and actually feel the real everyday life of the city. You can wander its "calle" (narrow alleys), sit along its canals and duck into its "sotoportegi" (passageways) to your heart’s content.
This side of Venice is historically a working class and manufacturing neighborhood. Here you will see more private boats than hired "gondolas" and more families than tourists, a welcomed change. Moreover there are many spectacular churches and good restaurants with no exaggerate prices are easy to find.
Venice Italy

And as in every corner of Venice, there’s plenty to see in Cannaregio too, like the Venetian Ghetto and the splendid house of Ca’ d’Oro, but, simply for being out of the classic Venice tour, most visitors merely pass through on their way to the "Vaporetto" stop (the public transport boat) or to the train station.

For those who decide to spend a night in Venice, to get to know Cannaregio better an early morning walk through this picturesque sestiere, having the calle and rii all to yourselves, is dreamlike. And truly unforgettable.

Thanks a lot to Pamela for sharing her post with Gadders! You can read her original article on her blog here!

Do you like to go off the beaten track too?

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